Friday, 21 October 2011

Dream wedding dress swoon!

I am so lucky to work within an industry where there are just so many gorgeous creations, and I never ever get tired of it! The dresses, the shoes, the accessories... beautiful creations for beautiful days. But every once in a while something comes along which stands out as being other-worldly- not necessarily a dress that is 'the most' type of dress, eg the most intricate, or the most expensive. You probably all know by now that is not House of Istria's style anyway- we like the secrets, the hidden treasures, the surprises, the whimsical and the colourful and the whispers of elegance.

So when I came across this designer and shop I did so wish that I could turn back time and find her just before my wedding day... but now perhaps I have helped you to find her. We normally support British designers, but for The English Dept, we might be tempted to go stateside. Not that we have to go there; The English Dept has an Etsy store. Amaze.

In fact, quite a few of these dresses would go with our hair accessories... ;)

Charlie xx

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