Sunday, 18 September 2011

Sunday Sweetness

I came across the work of a beautiful photographer today- it almost made me want to pick up my own cameras and start shooting again. Almost. I feel I am getting closer to that day when I do start to shoot again but for now I am very happy lost in the beauty of the work of others...

I would love one of these images for my home. Irene Suchoki is based in Canada and sells her work on Etsy... but her images take me to a world of daydreams and memories. I think I would hang them in my studio... but I would love to put a series up in my little girl's nursery too so that she might have sweet dreams.

Visit her shop here

Happy Sunday

Charlie @ House of Istria xx


  1. they certainly are beautiful images, well found. xx

  2. hello joy <3 thank you... beautiful aren't they? I so want to put one in Istria's nursery. xx