Thursday, 12 August 2010

oh delicacy

We are so happy right now... wedding in two weeks, and our VERY FIRST ETSY SALE yesterday! life is beautiful, but today as I was walking to my car I saw a lady walking down the narrow path in front of me, and as I grew near to her I saw she was crying... I asked her if she was ok, this stranger, and if there was anything I can do. My mum died she said, life is so short. I almost cried too.

We sometimes forget that in this big, beautiful messy thing called life how delicate our days and moments really are; treasure them, make the most of every minute and never forget to laugh...

Have a beautiful evening

House of Istria



  1. Nice post and very true. Well done on your Etsy sale.


  2. aww thanks so much Lynda! was so happy to get my first etsy sale :)

    Have a lovely weekend


  3. Congrats on your sale! I'm a fellow Etsyian who found your blog on the forums. I am following you, and it would be awesome if you shared the love! :)