Wednesday, 4 August 2010

House of Istria... BACK IN THE BLOGWORLD! :)

Hello all!!

SO sorry for lack of posts of late but House of Istria is back blogging after a mind blowing three weeks... not only have we got our very own wedding coming up- August 28th everyone!- but we also have been creating our brand new WEBSITE and online STORE! We are just so happy to have our little online home, and we hope you'll visit often to help us adorn you for your special event or provide you with a gorgeous gift!

So, a few of you have asked about what our own wedding is going to be like... well, the details of that are secret ;) I can only say I really can not decide what to wear in my hair! :) and that the wedding is going to be a very very DIY affair... we have ordered some lovely little items to prettify our day from etsy and ebay; these will be revealed after the big day! And after of course, our honeymoon... which is a beautiful little cottage in the middle of nowhere in France... want to see her?

She charmed me from the start.

Have a beautiful day- dont forget to checkout our new site and store and tell us what you think!

Much love

House of Istria



  1. I don't know you at all, but I'm very excited for your wedding, and want to see how you choose to wear in your hair! Are you having a veil?

  2. The "cottage" looks so romantic. I, too, want to see the hair ornament, etc.

    sammysgrammy (castteam)

  3. aww i only just saw your comments! :) I initially did want a veil, but then I decided I just wanted something sweet and simple, and chose my beautiful Iris to wear :)

    Thanks so much for your support xxx