Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Amazing Grace - two priceless days

Hello readers!

House of Istria is so so happy right now... so on Saturday we had our first stand at the amazing SPLENDOUR womens day... and it was fantastic. We sold so many of our precious vintage and vintage inspired hair accessories and had the nicest feedback. One lady bought a piece for her friends 50th birthday, another to wear to her sons wedding, and I also had a gorgeous bride ask me to create a sash for her wedding. Our happiest moment was seeing our friend Jancie wear one of our sparkly headbands to give a reading at her husband's ordination the next day! For those of you that dont know Gloucester Cathedral here it is

such a beautiful building and the location of parts of the Harry Potter films. And right from the very back of the cathedral we could see Jancie's headband catching the light and sparkling beautifully as she gave her reading. This is Jancie outside after the service wearing House of Istria;

The ordination was just fantastic, and we were so proud of Jon Hills, Jancie's husband. Well done Jon! Please pray for his new role, and for them as a family.


House of Istria


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