Wednesday, 17 March 2010

House of Istria had some nice news today :) <3 Misi, our online store, seemed to be going through some troubles recently, so it was nice to hear that all troubles will soon be resolved and that we will soon have a brand new gorgeous site to look at and play with... and of course lots more gorgeous things to purchase! :) while we were thinking about nice news, we got to thinking about post and mail in general...

we love it when our letterbox rustles and we rush to the door to find brown paper parcels which will no doubt contain the myriad of feathers, buttons, fabrics, and beads that we have ordered; and even more, we love surprise post. Not miserable bills but those cute letters from friends, or unexpected invitations. And the feeling you get on your birthday waiting for your post to arrive. Look at what we stumbled across oh ohhellofriend's blog

these post kits are from and we just think they are so cute. Theyll make any post pretty!

Did anyone else used to have penpals? I used to have one in Trinidad, and now my best friend lives in New Zealand I have one there too... I love mail from abroad, stamped AIR MAIL and you never quite know what you are going to get... if anyone wants a letter to pretty up their postbox, send us one and we will send you one right back. Happy Letter Writing!

Love, House of Istria. x x

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    I have nominated you for the sunshine award, please see my blog xx