Thursday, 18 March 2010

FREE gifts from above..

I firmly belive that creativity is a gift given to us straight from God. As a Christian I believe God gives each ones of us a gift, often more than one, and creativity is definitely one of them. Sometimes however, it feels like we are alone, and creativity is floating outside, elsewhere, out of reach. Sometimes times are hard and we dont even know why we continue to create when our items arent selling and the next sale seems so far away. Sometimes we forget our gifts because we get wrapped up in the busy vines of everyday life. Sometimes we just need some comfort and reassurance that we are doing the right thing by continuing to create and make. I was thinking about this while I was praying last night and I felt like I should pray for you all, and that I should write the prayer on here. If you dont believe then of course thats ok :) but I hope you read it anyway because its nice to know that someone, somewhere, even a stranger, is thinking of you and your gifts and trying to bless you and encourage you. (Oh, and if anyone wants prayer for anything in particular- you dont have to believe to be prayed for!- please ask ill be happy to pray for you). So, a prayer from House of Istria.

Dear Lord

I want to pray on behalf of all of those whom you have blessed with creativity, whether thats creativity with craft, words, even creativity of thought. I lift them up to you dear lord and ask that you fill them further with their gifts. I ask that you stand by them when times are hard and they are unsure of their future, that they stand strong in these times of doubt and feel comforted perhaps even just rereading this knowing that they are definitely not alone; that there is always someone, somewhere, willing to listen and support them. I ask that this comforts them in times of need and gives them strength to carry on creating. I want to say thank you so much for the gifts that you have blessed us with, for the ability to see things and find beauty in ways and things that not everyone does. We are so blessed to be able to craft and create things that bring even moments of temporary happiness for others. Thank you for blessing us all with these talents and gifts. I ask that when we find ourselves with a lack of inspiration that we can turn quietly turn inwards and reflect on things that are important to us, things that delight us and make us smile. Show us how to draw on our gifts to help people close to us who might be struggling more that we are so that we can lift them up. Bless us with patience, love, inspiration, and the gift of time, so that we might utilise the gifts you have blessed us with. Thank you Lord


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