Tuesday, 10 April 2012

A Space Of My Own

While strolling round the streets of Bath recently we came across the very beautiful Topping and Company Booksellers. Inside surrounds you with hand crafted bookshelves, stacked high with the most wonderful books.

Gazing at the craft and home section a title caught my eye; A Space Of My Own. The saying do not judge a book by its cover does not apply here - if there were no pages in this book, just the title and the cover would be enough to inspire the most beautiful and creative studios, home offices and studies.  Lucky for us the pages are filled with swoon-filled images and ideas to help you create a workspace to motivate you 24-7.

So next time you are in Bath, stroll up to Topping and Company Booksellersfind a table, order a cup of tea, and sit and dream with this book. We may well see you there.

House of Istria's favourite- a desk to dream upon...

Suzy xox

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  1. I love Bath and will definitely look for this bookshop next time we visit. The hook and pulley lamp idea is amazing!