Thursday, 22 March 2012

House of Istria's Supergirl

House of Istria needed help; and help came. Suzy is now House of Istria's No1 girl.

We wanted this;

We got this;
We think we hit the mark.

Suzy is House of Istria's dreamgirl; after saying a sad Sayonara to Kyli, our previous assistant, we have been blessed with the beautiful Suzy.

But then, we always have been.

Suzy and I on my hen afternoon at the amazing Barnsley House

Suzy has helped me plan my wedding day, my baby shower, and my very first mother's day this year, which looked like this;

Anyone who puts that much effort into everything is perfect for House of Istria.

Things to know about Suzy;

*She comes from here; no, no we are definitely not at all jealous.
Pretty New Zealand

*She studied photography and is pretty good at it;

*On her 25th birthday this year, she woke up and got in the bath with Breakfast at Tiffanys, a bottle of wine, and her sunglasses. Why? 'Because Audrey was wearing hers'. Nonchalant Cool. We like.

So as you can probably tell from the photos, Suzy is a bit of a mixed-breed kitten; part pretty vintage, part quirky cool, part laid back carefree Kiwi, part underlying shade of rebel. How House of Istria perfect.
Suzy is now House of Istria's Assistant Director - anything you need, she is your go-to gal. Contact Suzy;

House of Istria welcomes the beautiful Suzy Gasson; we hope you will all join in welcoming her too. Say hi to Suzy on twitter @suzyHOIstria

Welcome Suzy!


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