Monday, 10 October 2011

Making monday mornings prettier :)

When hubbie's alarm goes off in the morning, it drives me slightly cuckoo, as do most mobile phone alarm tones. So perhaps this is why right now I'm having a very definite 'thing' for pretty, vintage alarm clocks- not only do they look much nicer but they also won't emit scary radio-infra-satellite-whatever waves into my brain from the bedside table during the night.

All clocks from Etsy

I guess you'd just have to hope that they work :) but I feel sure they'd brighten my Monday morning. As does this ;

Charlie xx


  1. love the alarm clocks, so pretty. many years ago I had one that firstly flashed a very low light, then put the radio on at very low volume, so much nicer tha the awful tinny noises of mobile phones.
    sending you warm vibes for your fairly imminent arrival,
    joy x x

  2. They're so pretty aren't they... WANT :) I don't mind the radio, i quite like it too... just anything but a mobile phone! :)

    thank you so much for the wishes Joy... did I tell you her middle name is going to be Joy? :)

    Charlie @ House of Istria xx