Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Cupcake Capers

I had cupcakes at my wedding last year... even then I felt they were a little bit of a 'trend' which by now has surely moved on, overtaken by macaroons and cupcake advancements into things like cakepops. But having seen these images I have thought again- I'd still have cupcakes at my wedding all over again if they were anything like these! (Mine were very pretty pastel shades and delicious- we ordered 70 from Waitrose to form the base of our heart shaped top tier, which was created by the talented Jenny Stevens of Nom Nom Cakes).

So Happy National Cupcake Week. I suggest even if you aren't getting married to indulge this week and revel in cupcakery; there is nothing quite like these little pretties to perk up your day; especially if you're having a difficult one.

For anyone that lives in the South West, our friend Kitty of Kitty Cupcakes is offering a 20% discount on any order placed between now and Friday- so hurry- her cakes are amazing. Kitty cupcakes are currently collection only from Swindon, Wiltshire, but will be well worth the travel; just look at these beauties. (though if you ask nicely she might courier them for you if you live elsewhere).

This is one of Kitty's latest creations- a cupcake bouquet. I think they would look totally fabulous on the wedding cake table.

Though these have to be my personal favourites;

Find Kitty Cupcakes here.

Enjoy Cupcake Week.

Charlie @ House of Istria xx

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