Thursday, 8 September 2011

Back to Blogger!

Welcome back once again to House of Istria's 'new' blog. You might have noticed that I have shifted location slightly from residing at our website over to Blogger; basically posts were taking me around three- four hours to write and post due to server slowness. So now, I should be able to post more often as I'm not spending all of my hours on just one post. You will also be able to follow me for blog updates, leave comments more easily, and the page should load a lot quicker, which is important as you all know how I LOVE my pretty images. Oh, and speaking of pretty, I just sort of think that Blogger looks a bit nicer too :)

This all ties in with the updates and beautification of the House of Istria website in general; there is a new gallery on the way, not to mention our very first collection and new shop launch, which I am so excited about.

So bookmark us, follow us here or on twitter or facebook for House of Istria updates, wedding inspiration, and just things I find pretty and inspiring in general.

Thank you so much for your love, interest, and support. It is always appreciated, especially in time of change.

Charlie @ House of Istria x

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