Sunday, 13 February 2011

Changing Times...

Time For A Change

Girls, everyone knows January is a time for change. And back in January we decided that it was high time, after a year of sporadic (but hopefully, pretty and inspiring) blog posts, for a change. We have a brand new sparkly website- a brand new line of floral accessories that we have spent an age designing and making; and now it's the turn of our humble and faithful blog.


Over the next week there will be some noticeable visual changes but the main thing is that we will be changing blog subject totally. Don't worry, we will still be featuring beautiful quotes, images, and inspiration, but as House of Istria has grown and changed as a company we have discovered what we really adore is wedding accessories. Figures really, seeing as we are primarily an accessories company!

Thank you

We would like to hope you will stick with us- you have been such loyal and wonderful followers, always commenting on my posts. For this we thank you. We are sure you will love our new blog just as much- just give it a shot, we aren't even moving pages. We are staying right here.

We hope you'll stay and look forward to our fun filled adventure in blogland with us! See you next Friday for our very first post.

House of Istria xx

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