Tuesday, 30 November 2010


Our blogs at the moment are few and far between (well a week at most but... you know what we mean) but we promise it will all be worth it when our new site www.houseofistria.com goes live.

The old one is still operating at present but we are giving ourselves a radical makeover and will be back with a whole load of new features to make your Istria experience even more pleasurable.

Our new site will be prettier to look at, easier to use, and feature a LOT more items this coming January... all ready to tempt you throughout the coming year.

We will still be blogging however; we just thought we would give you a warning that if we do fall a little quiet (maximum one week, we promise) not to worry; it will all definitely be worth it.

So we will live you with this pretty little ditty; although we are now in full on Mariah/christmas song mode, we took the time to listen to this in the studio today, and we are sure glad we did. Featuring Zoey Deschanel, Elvis Costello, and Jenny Lewis- how can you not love it!

House of Istria


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