Thursday, 16 September 2010

OK Computer

Probably not, and doesnt that sound a little depressing? But on the other hand, doesnt technology make us appreciate the reality of life that much more?

That catching up with an old friend over a warm coffee, hugging someone (especially if theyve flown from the other side of the world to see you), turning the page of a book, wearing a piece of handcrafted old jewellery with a history and a heritage... aren't these things all the more precious? That's what House of Istria is about really, that preciousness. We try to make all of our items precious, something rare to hold and to wear...

and in the meantime we are so blessed to be able to have AS WELL all of the wonderful things that technology brings us; like the ability to touch peoples hearts in a land far away; sharing immediately images and words of beauty; love found over internet dating; finding family and histories that once would have been lost to time and dusty archives, buried forever. It graces us with the ability to write this; and for you to read it, and last night technology enabled us to makeover our website. click here to see it

So, as long as we have a balance of the real and the hyperreal, the old and the new, the far and the near... we feel blessed today by technology. An odd thing to be blessed by but blessed none the same. We hope you like our new website; please do let us know.

All our love,

House of Istria