Tuesday, 8 June 2010

GIVEAWAY COMPETITION!!! Giving you a little bit of love...

Ok so we havent blogged for a little while... for over a whole week now... because we have just been so busy preparing for our first stand, and for all our beautiful objets to finally be sold online at the end of this month. Just to show you that you are all treasured blog readers, fans, and supporters, we are running a giveaway this week. To be one of the first people to own a little bit of House of Istria's beautiful hair accessories all you have to do is email your name, email address, and state whether you would prefer a CRYSTAL or a VINTAGE prize.

Email charlie@houseofistria.com

Oh, and if you have a blog, send us that link too, so we can follow you. Ditto twitter or facebook. Love is reciprocal :)

There will be one winner drawn randomly on 1st July- which is also the date we move into our studio. Double celebration :) Good Luck!!

All our love

House of Istria



  1. Good to see you back, and good luck for 1st July

  2. yay!!! i'll be entering!! x :)

  3. Wow what a great giveaway!!!!

    I am following and this is my blog link!

    I'll just pop off to email, but for the record, either vintage or crystal would be wonderful!

    Natalie x

  4. HIya
    Brilliant giveaway - I have just e-mailed you and shall be adding you to my follow list!