Monday, 17 May 2010


We are so happy to announce our grand opening date!

House of Istria will be showcasing and selling at Cheltenham Town Hall on Saturday 26th June, 2010. We are SO blessed to be able to start right here in this beautiful building.

We will be exhibiting as part of Splendour Women's day 2010; a truly wonderful event where us girls can listen to inspirational and uplifting talks, enjoy eachothers company, and of course treat ourselves to a little bit of shopping too.

Follow this link for further info, but hurry; most of the 1000+ tickets have now gone, only a few left!

We really are so excited for our opening day; we hope to see you there to join in the fun and celebrations!

All our love

House of Istria


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  1. it looks like a grand place to make a first appearance, joyknitt hopes it all goes really well for you