Monday, 26 April 2010

Istria has some super iced tea and has been super busy! (super)

This weekend we've made a whole heap of organza and chiffon roses in ivory, dusky pink, and a very gorgeous peachy-nude shade all ready to be made into headbands, wrapped two headbands with chiffon and ribbon, and started a crystal wire band, plus two very sparkly and beautiful reworked vintage pieces! We have also booked our very first wedding show to show-off our precious pieces... keep reading our blog/follow us on twitter/become a facebook fan for details of this and our grand opening! Not long to go now!

We've been working to the magical music of She & Him and Yann Tiersen, we've been drinking insane amounts of coffee and we've also been making our own Iced Tea, perfect for these blue sky days...

House of Istria Iced Tea;

Add six white tea and citrus teabags to a large jug, with a tablespoon of sugar (you can substitute for honey) , make as you would a pot of tea. Chill, then add masses of squeezes of orange, a slight squeeze of lime, and some mint sprigs and a ton of ice. We also added some peach squash to sweeten a little more and for a bit more summer!


House of Istria


Oh, and we also stumbled across a great resource for those designers and makers who like to do craft shows;


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