Sunday, 28 March 2010

Weekend Wonders

Happy Weekend Issie followers!

I have been treating myself after working long and hard on PR week to a weekend of inspiration, relaxing, and GREAT food!

Paid a little visit to Cirencester yesterday to see the Head over Heels exhibition- pay it a visit if you're interested in hats, shoes, and hair accessories! It's a great little exhibition, small but sweet and very inspirational. Here are a few shots from the exhibit;

The exhibit is in a little crafts building which is stuffed with makers, working studios, a cafe, restaurant, and gift shop; its crafting heaven. I think I fell so in love with London when I lived there I kind of forgot people do actually create outside of cities :(

and now ive fallen for the charms of cirencester- any village filled with tea shops pretty much captures my heart. There was also a farmers market on the street when we visited, AND a crafts market, and we stumbled upon a 'bread shop' which wasnt a bakery but just sold lots of speciality breads- of course we couldnt resist and strolled around with warm croissants in our hands, yummy. And then we went back to purchase some honey bread to have with olive oil for dinner, alongside the very fresh and gorgeous fishcakes we got from here.

And then House of Istria actually got on with some making! Just some mock ups while we wait impatiently for tuesday to arrive (supply ordering day) and so no photos of those until they are picture perfect... but we had lots of fun playing with feathers and tiaras! :)

How has your weekend been followers?

Lots of love

House of Istria


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