Friday, 19 March 2010

Oh my goodness... is this for real?

ok so... following on from my last post. I had heard of japanese bento before but just thought they were miniature lunches... when I stumbled upon the picture in my last post i thought id do a quick search on 'bento' to see if this is the case... and look what we found! Apparently in Japanese schools kids are actually judged and prizes awarded for the best ones... well I suppose that's one way of getting children to eat their greens :) I have to admit, if I opened my lunchbox to find one of these inside i'd be smiling for the whole day. What a wonderful world we live in



  1. I like the flowery garden type one... would so love someone making this for me! :D x

  2. awww how wonderfull! I would love to open up my lunchbox and find hello kitty inside!