Sunday, 21 March 2010

House of Istria does PR week + 500 days of summer...

Finally watched 500 days of summer last night, what a cute film! And we are very envious of Summer's (played by the endearingly pretty Zooey Deschanel) wardrobe. For anyone who hasnt seen/heard of it, the trailer is here

So meanwhile here at House of Istria towers we are waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting for our supplies to arrive so we can finally begin making, we have decided to try to help all you craftsters with a little self PR, with a mini series starting on Monday... if anyone has anything they would particularly like to know or find out more about then please leave us a message/comment and we will try to help.

In the meantime, we are going to leave you with some pics of Zooey. We arent a company that worships celebrity whatsoever... but if there is one girl we would like to see wearing House of Istria, it would have to be her!

Hope youre all having a lovely weekend

House of Istria x x x


  1. Lovely blog, can't wait for the advice on Monday. You sound as if you will be kind but firm with us all.
    Jean (TalkingBeads) x

  2. Looking forward to tomorrows blog!
    Isn't Zooey stunning. Her and her sister, Emily are so alike! ♥ Bones!